Why it Matters

First Call Law was started by a small group of Michigan lawyers and staff with over 60 years of collective legal experience.

We love the practice of law and have watched our profession grow in popularity over the years, spurred on by television shows, documentaries, and news coverage. Law school enrollment has ballooned, and even set a record in 2010. However, that popularity has caused an interesting problem. My colleagues and I realized that there are so many lawyers practicing in Michigan that the average person will have a very a difficult time finding the right attorney for his or her specific situation. Internet research, friends and family suggestions, and television, radio, and billboard advertisements are almost never the best resources.

Unfortunately, however, we observed that the public did not really have a good alternative. And that’s why we formed First Call Law. We wanted to create a better way for people to find the right lawyer for their legal needs. First Call Law is a unique law firm. Our attorneys use their experience to analyze clients’ legal situations and to refer them to the right lawyers under the circumstances. The lawyers to whom we refer matters are outside attorneys who are completely independent from our firm. We do not have a pre-determined list of lawyers who get all of our referrals. Instead, we examine each matter on its own merits and then perform an analysis to custom-select the right lawyer for the situation.

There are few, if any, law firms that perform individualized analysis, due diligence, and referral activities on a regular basis.  First Call Law does, and we do so at no cost to our clients. Our firm provides a vital service, linking those in need of legal services to the right lawyers for the specific matter at hand. Do not rely upon a list of randomly selected attorneys or on advertising campaigns when making one of the most important decisions of your life. Call us now. Call us first. First Call Law.

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