Personal Injury – Robert K.

Mr. Grant, one of the attorneys who formed First Call Law, explained to me that in personal injury cases it is critical to find a personal injury lawyer who practices in the county where the case will be tried.  The best personal injury attorney in Oakland County might not be the best personal injury attorney in Wayne County. One size does not fit all. Working with Mr. Grant, I found the right lawyer for my case and ended up with an excellent settlement.

Immigration – Sander D.

Groundwork0 is a small engineering company located in the City of Detroit. We were hiring a Network Engineer for a full-time position and, after interviewing hundreds of applicants, we chose the perfect individual. But we ran into an immigration issue. We contacted the lawyers who later established First Call Law and they introduced us to the perfect lawyer for our needs. The service that First Call Law provides is invaluable.

Estate Planning – Tim P.

The lawyers who founded First Call Law referred me to an estate-planning attorney who was an ideal fit for me under difficult circumstances. And, in turn, I’ve referred him to many others in my family. First Call Law is a fantastic service!

Contract Law – 41Pounds.org

After running into a dispute with our phone carrier, we needed a lawyer, but did not know where to turn. Mr. Marcus and Mr. Grant introduced us to an attorney who had solid experience in cases like ours. We ended up with a very favorable recovery.

Criminal – Shane P.

I was facing a felony charge (my first and only) in Oakland County Michigan. The lawyers who formed First Call Law explained that there were a lot of questions that need answers before selecting a criminal lawyer. I needed to know about experience, court and prosecutor connections, reputation within the legal community, and a number of other things. After much discussion and examining of my case, they referred me to Dave K., an attorney with many years of criminal law experience in Oakland County. From the moment I met Dave I was confident that I had the best representation available. He clearly explained the charges, what they entailed, what the prosecution had to prove, what evidence could be used against me, and most importantly, the consequences I was facing. Because of his years of criminal law experience in Oakland County he had a good working relationship with the prosecuting attorney. And when all was said and done we pled a deal that was more than fair. I ended up spending far less than I thought I would have to spend (in fines and fees), and did not go to jail. I was overjoyed with the service that I received and am very grateful to the attorneys who referred me to Dave.

Family/Divorce – Patti A.

I spoke with Bryan from First Call Law and asked for a recommendation for a divorce/custody attorney. He referred me to the perfect lawyer for my case. I could not be happier with the service that Bryan provided in connecting me to my divorce lawyer.

Employment Law – Sue S.

We had an urgent situation. My son had an important employment harassment case to bring and the deadline for filing it was coming up in less than a week. His existing lawyer had become unable to communicate due to a medical condition. We had no idea where to go to find a new lawyer in such a short time. I found Mr. Marcus and he immediately worked with me and my son to find an excellent employment lawyer, Robert P., in Royal Oak, who filed the case. The case was later settled very favorably. We can’t thank Mr. Marcus enough for his getting us to the right lawyer.

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