Q. Do I Have To Pay First Call Law For Its Services?

A. No. First Call Law’s attorneys will analyze your legal situation, perform due diligence, and refer the matter to the right lawyer at no cost to you. As a part of Its due diligence work, First Call Law obtains standard billing and other legal fee charging information from potential attorneys to whom the matter might be referred. When a referral is made and a referral fee is applicable, we make certain that the firm receiving the matter does not adjust its standard charges to account for the referral fee. In so doing, we assure that First Call Law’s services are truly provided at no cost to you.

Q. How Does First Call Law Get Paid?

A. In most instances, First Call Law will refer your matter to another, independent attorney or law firm. With many such referrals, the attorney or firm that receives the referral will pay First Call Law a referral fee. In some instances, the referral will not generate a referral fee and, as a result, First Call Law will not receive any compensation for the connection.

Q. Will First Call Law Be Representing Me?

A. Yes. First Call Law will be representing you for the limited purpose of analyzing your legal situation, performing due diligence regarding lawyers to whom the matter might be referred, and making the referral itself. From that point forward, First Call Law’s representation will end and the lawyer to whom the matter was referred will be representing you.

Q. How Will I Know That The Lawyer To Whom I Get Referred Is The Right Lawyer For My Needs?

A. First Call Law’s attorneys are highly skilled at analyzing legal situations, and in performing background investigations and due diligence tasks associated with finding the right lawyer for a given matter. We are also very experienced practitioners who have developed a broad network of relationships in the legal community. With those skills and relationships in place, First Call Law can assure you that you will, in fact, be referred to the right lawyer for your needs.

Q. How Will I Know That The Lawyer To Whom I Get Referred Will Not Simply Increase His Charges To Cover The Referral Fee That Goes To First Call Law?

A. As noted above, First Call Law obtains standard charging information for all of the lawyers to whom it makes referrals. As an express condition of receiving referrals from us, we require that the receiving lawyers only charge their standard fees and that they refrain from making adjustments to account any referral fees. If First Call Law finds that an attorney has violated that rule, we will work to correct the problem and will not make further referrals to the offending lawyer.

Q. When I Become A Client, Will I Get To Choose My Lawyer Or Does First Call Law Get To Choose?

A. You get to choose your lawyer. Like a real estate agent, First Call Law provides you with information and works with you to make the right decision. Ultimately, however, you make the selection of the lawyer who will be representing you.

Q. How does the process work?

A. First Call Law’s process is very straight-forward. It starts by your contacting us to schedule an in-person or telephone meeting. Most such meetings can take place either the same day or within 24 hours. At the meeting, you will confer with one or more of our attorneys regarding your legal situation. The attorneys will analyze the matter from a number of different angles, and will then work with you to find the right lawyer to suit your needs. Together, you and First Call Law’s attorneys will review various lawyer profiles and, in many instances, jointly interview those who qualify as “best matches.” You will then choose the lawyer who you wish to represent you and First Call Law will make the appropriate referral.

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